Just a quick message as I’m sitting listening to the helicopters overhead. Apparently the Big Match was changed
to tonight after all so Saturday would’ve been fine for the party. Still, at least Mrs Stripey Wlpey got her
Valentine’s afternoon with Him Indoors after all!!
Thanks again for helping to make Benny’s party go with a bang. He can be quite a tricky customer but you
handled him beautifully and I loved the way you gave those rubbing their smelly socks against the walls short
shrift too! All with plenty of belly laughs and some amazing balloon constructions to boot. I’m wondering if I can
book you in on a retainer every Saturday afternoon from now until the boys leave home?
Many thanks once again for all your help and Unremitting good humour
With all best wishes
Charlotte, Lightning McQueen Cake Maker ExtraOrdinaire.